The Cheshire Survey

Crewe & South surveyThe Cheshire Survey is comprised mainly of a large rural estate to the east of Crewe. This estate, which extends to 3,457 acres, is centred on the historic properties of Crewe Hall and Crewe Hall Farm, where the Duchy has created a thriving and highly sought-after office location in converted agricultural buildings.

The 11 main farms on the Crewe estate are largely involved in dairy, arable and livestock production. The estate also includes equestrian businesses, woodland and a residential lettings portfolio of 66 rural cottages and farmhouses. One of the largest commercial businesses on the estate is the roadside service area which sits alongside junction 16 of the M6 motorway.

The Cheshire Survey also includes a small estate at Marbury on the Cheshire/Shropshire border. This estate consists of a single dairy farm and four residential properties let to local people.