Guiding Principles

The Duchy of Lancaster is an ancient organisation with a firm eye on the future. The core function of the management team is to deliver a sustainable and growing income from this historic inheritance year on year, while preserving the capital for future Dukes of Lancaster.

As a responsible employer, landowner and landlord, the Duchy has identified a set of core values which underpin all that it does. These are: integrity, respect, candour, ownership and teamwork.

We believe in leading by example and strive to maintain the high standards of professional conduct at all times.

We have the greatest respect for the environment, for our tenants, for the long-term sustainability of our assets and for our unique history and heritage.

Honesty and openness are key to our business operations. We encourage transparency and proactive dialogue in every area of our business – across teams, with our tenants and with our local communities across the Duchy estates.

Every member of the team is expected to be accountable and to act responsibly in carrying out their duties on behalf of the Duchy. This ‘ownership’ of decisions and actions allows for clarity of purpose and individual commitment.

We operate as a team. Our decisions are made in partnership with our tenants, professional advisors, managing agents and local stakeholders. We absolutely understand that the sum of the whole must be more than the sum of the individual parts.