The right to appoint a living within the Church of England. The Queen is patron to 42 church livings, mostly as parish priests, in right of her Duchy of Lancaster. 
Barmote Courts
Historic courts in Wirksworth, Derbyshire, traditionally ensuring payment of royalties due from lead mines on land owned by the Duchy of Lancaster.

Bona vacantia
Property or goods which have fallen to the Crown in the absence of any other legal owner. When a person dies within the County Palatine without leaving a will and no beneficiary, the Duchy of Lancaster, rather than the Crown, receives their estate as bona vacantia. Proceeds go to one of two registered charities.
The senior official in the Duchy of Lancaster, responsible to the Sovereign for the administration of the Duchy. Usually a Member of Parliament, the Chancellor delegates certain functions, particularly those relating to asset management, to the Duchy Council.

Church Livings
Clerical positions to which appointments are made by specific individuals or organisations instead of by the Church of England. The Queen is patron to 42 church livings in right of her Duchy of Lancaster. 
County Palatine
A county in which a duke or earl historically exercised many royal powers. Lancashire was created a County Palatine in 1351. Nowadays the County Palatine comprises the modern administrative counties of Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Merseyside and Furness in Cumbria. The Duchy of Lancaster continues to exercise functions such as the appointment of High Sheriffs.
The lands owned by a duke or duchess. The Duchy of Lancaster comprises the geographically diverse lands and properties held by The Queen in her right as Duke of Lancaster.

Duchy Council
The group of senior officials is responsible to the Chancellor and Sovereign for administering the affairs of the Duchy of Lancaster.

Duchy of Lancaster Benevolent Fund
A fund benefiting charitable associations and organisations operating within the County Palatine and areas with which the Duchy has links by virtue of land holdings and heritage.
Duchy of Lancaster Jubilee Trust
A trust constituted in 2001 to fund charitable causes, particularly the maintenance of historic buildings on Duchy estates.

Duke of Lancaster
The holder of the lands, properties and assets which make up the Duchy of Lancaster. From 1399, the title Duke of Lancaster has been held by the reigning Sovereign. The current Duke of Lancaster is Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. 
High Sheriff
An official appointed as Keeper of The Queen’s Peace in a county. High Sheriffs in the County Palatine are appointed by the Queen in her right as Duke of Lancaster.
The situation created when a person dies without having made a will. Within the County Palatine, the estates of such individuals are administered by the Duchy of Lancaster.
Keeper of the Rolls
The official responsible for the rolls bearing the names and details of all those appointed as magistrates within a local justice area.  From 1 April 2005, when the Courts Act 2003 came into force, Keepers of the Rolls in Lancashire, Greater Manchester and Merseyside are appointed by the Lord Chancellor.  They were formerly appointed by the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster on behalf of the Sovereign. The Lord Lieutenants for Lancashire, Greater Manchester and Merseyside are the current Keepers of the Rolls.
Until 31 March 2005, the appointments of magistrates in Lancashire, Greater Manchester and Merseyside were made by the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster.  Since this time, following the Courts Act 2003, appointments throughout England and Wales are made by the Lord Chancellor on behalf of The Queen.
Protocol for Commercial Leases
The code of good practice for commercial leases developed by the Investment Property Forum. The Duchy of Lancaster observes these guidelines in its commercial and residential dealings. 
The Duchy of Lancaster’s principal London land holding, an area around the Strand and the Embankment. The Savoy Estate has formed part of the Lancaster inheritance since 1284.

The area for which a High Sheriff has responsibility. 

A fixed or regular amount of money paid as a salary or allowance. The Duchy of Lancaster pays stipends for a number of different posts, many of which have historic connections to the Duchy. 

The name given to the five regions or property types owned by the Duchy of Lancaster. The five Surveys are: the Lancashire Survey, the Yorkshire Survey, the Crewe and South Survey, the Needwood Survey and the Urban Survey. 
Tenant Farmers’ Retirement Fund
A fund set up by the Duchy to help older tenant farmers make the transition to retirement.