Palatinate High Sheriffs

A High Sheriff is an official appointed as Keeper of The King’s Peace in a county.

Today the role is mainly ceremonial and charitable, with much of the administration being undertaken by an Under Sheriff. A new High Sheriff is installed in April of each year.

In Lancashire, Greater Manchester and Merseyside, High Sheriffs are appointed by The King in Right of His Duchy of Lancaster. The appointment of County Palatine High Sheriffs is confirmed in a separate ceremony to those of the rest of England and Wales.

Each year a parchment called the Lites is presented to The Sovereign by the Chancellor of the Duchy with the names of those recommended to become High Sheriffs for the ensuing year. The King marks the selected name with a small hole made by a bodkin. This pricking ceremony is believed to date back to the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. Lacking a pen, Elizabeth I decided to use her bodkin to mark each name instead.

Current High Sheriffs for 2024/2025 in the County Palatine

High Sheriff of Lancashire: Mrs. Helen Bingley, OBE, JP, DL

High Sheriff of Greater Manchester: Dr. Eamonn Sean O’Neal, DL

High Sheriff of Merseyside: Professor John M. Mohin, OBE, D.Univ, DL