Trinity Hospital, Leicester

The Duchy of Lancaster is responsible for appointing the Chaplain of Trinity Hospital in Leicester, a foundation which provides almshouse-type accommodation for elderly residents.

In 1331 Henry Grosmont, 3rd Earl of Lancaster and Leicester, founded an almshouse for fifty poor and infirm persons, in the Newarke, Leicester. His son Henry, also Duke of Lancaster, established a chantry college in 1354-56. The Hospital was linked with the College, and the number of poor people increased to 100. One penny a day was allowed for the maintenance of each poor person. Further benefactions were made later by John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster.

In 1614, King James I granted a new Charter, and gave the institution the name “Hospital of the Holy Trinity”. The Mayor of Leicester was to be the Master during his term of office, assisted by four senior Aldermen and two Borough Chamberlains, while the Chaplain was to be appointed by the Duchy of Lancaster.

The medieval building remained unaltered until it was rebuilt in 1776, largely at the expense of King George III. The residential portion had to be rebuilt again in 1901-2 when accommodation for thirty-six residents was provided.

In 1994, the old hospital premises were sold as it was no longer feasible to maintain them, and a nearby site on Western Boulevard was purchased. The new building, with self-contained flats for twenty-two elderly residents and a warden, was formally opened in 1995 and the new Chapel consecrated by the Bishop of Leicester.

The Master of Trinity Hospital continues to be the Lord Mayor of Leicester during his or her term of office. The Governors, who meet quarterly, consist of six members nominated by the Council, the Chaplain, the Master and four co-opted members.

An ancient stipend of £246 per annum has been paid by the Duchy of Lancaster to the Hospital since its foundation in 1331. The Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster is a Visitor to Trinity Hospital and appoints the Chaplain by Letters Patent on behalf of Her Majesty.

The present Chaplain is The Reverend Canon Barry Naylor who was appointed in October 2009.