Ground-Breaking Technology At Marsden Gate

A new green energy plant at Marsden Gate Industrial Park is leading the way in providing a new clean and sustainable energy source for household and commercial use.

A unique two-stage conversion process developed by Advanced Plasma Power (APP) converts household waste into BioSNG (bio-substitute natural gas). The net result is a clean, modular and scalable advanced waste-to-energy fuel which delivers high efficiencies and minimises the environmental impact of waste recycling.

After a series of small-scale trials last year, the new plant received a prestigious national award from the UK Energy Institute for its ‘game-changing technology’.

Commenting on the project, Duchy Head of Urban Mike Andrews said: “This is a very exciting project and one which the Duchy is pleased to support. The removal of household waste from landfill and the production of new green energy can only help the environment and provide the UK with a more sustainable fuel source. We congratulate the team on their work to date and look forward with interest to seeing the next phase of development as the plant moves toward full commissioning.”

Rolf Stein, CEO of Advanced Plasma Power, added: “We are delighted that the trials have gone so well and to see our efforts recognised by the Energy Institute and our peers. We are working very hard to complete the project as this could make a meaningful and cost-effective contribution towards the decarbonisation of heat and transport not only in the UK but worldwide.”

Once fully commissioned, the new plant will have the capacity to convert 10,000 tonnes of local landfill waste into 22GWh of clean, green energy (BioSNG). This will produce sufficient biofuel to power 40 distribution vehicles, cutting a commercial fleet’s greenhouse gas emissions by 80 per cent.