Green Energy Project On Track

One of the Duchy’s newest commercial tenants Tetronics has begun construction of a £27m green energy plant due for completion in 2018.

Based at Marston Gate Industrial Estate in Swindon, the project has received Government backing and significant funding from the Department of Transport and energy regulator Ofgem. It is part of a national drive to reduce vehicular emissions and provide cleaner, kinder biofuels for a variety of commercial uses.

Once fully commissioned the new Swindon plant will convert 10,000 tonnes of local landfill waste into 22GWh of clean, green energy (BioSNG). This will produce sufficient biofuel to power 40 distribution vehicles, cutting a commercial fleet’s greenhouse gas emissions by 80 per cent.  

Commenting on the progress to date, Duchy Head of Urban Mike Andrews said: “The Duchy of Lancaster supports the use of sustainable green energy, particularly where it can be used to lessen the damage to the environment caused by over-reliance on landfill. We are delighted that the consortium has chosen to build the plant here at Marston Gate and we are following the progress of the project with interest.”

Led by a consortium of partners including Tetronics subsidiary Advanced Plasma Power (APP) the new plant is intended to demonstrate the potential of clean green gases as a replacement for traditional environmentally harmful energy sources.

The Duchy of Lancaster acquired Marston Gate Industrial Estate in September 2016 when it purchased the ‘Gravity’ portfolio – comprising various commercial and industrial buildings in the South of England.