Signature Farm Snapped Up By Elveden Farms

The Duchy of Lancaster has purchased Mallard Hearn Farm, Donington, bringing the total acreage owned by the Duchy in Lincolnshire to 2,580.  The land holding and buildings have now been combined with neighbouring Park Farm to create a holding on the eastern estate which will be one of the most productive in the Duchy’s portfolio.

The newly extended 1,500-acre farm, which includes temperature controlled storage facilities for 4,000 tonnes of potatoes and 6,000 tonnes of grain, will be occupied by Elveden Farms Ltd.

Elveden Estates is already one of the country’s leading  fresh food producers, growing over 75,000 tonnes of potatoes, onions, parsnips and carrots per year.  This is the company’s first investment in Lincolnshire.

Managing Director of Elveden Farms Ltd Michael Douglas said: “Elveden strives to be world class in terms of the quality of produce we offer and we are also totally committed to responsible farming. Moving into Park Farm allows us to continue to grow our combinable crops and root vegetables production and provides us with an operational base in another key location. In addition, the excellent storage facilities on site mean that we can farm and store our produce all year round.”

Christopher Sparrow, Head of Rural for the Duchy of Lancaster said: “This extended landholding makes Park Farm a signature holding for the Duchy and adds to our growing portfolio of Grade I and II farmland in Lincolnshire. We are very fortunate to have such a high number of commercially successful tenant businesses in this area and delighted to be able to help those businesses expand into adjoining land wherever possible. Elveden Estates has core values which are closely aligned to those of the Duchy and we welcome them to the Southern Survey.”

This is the third significant investment that the Duchy has made in Lincolnshire in the last 12 months.