Supporting Farming Ambitions in Staffordshire


Newborough Hall Farm in Staffordshire comprises a farmhouse with outbuildings and 236 acres of high quality grazing and arable land which has been farmedto a very high standard by the Slater family for two generations. However, with no succession, the future of the farm was in some doubt.

The adjacent farm, Holt Hall, has been expanding and the tenant Mr Andrew Lichfield has been renting additional land off-estate on short-term agreements as the business has grown. A 10-year agreement has now been reached for the land and some associated farm infrastructure of Newborough Hall to be placed with that of Holt Hall.

Commenting on the deal, Andrew Lichfield said: “This is a logical step which enables us to move the business forward. It gives Stephen and I the potential for further growth and will help us with our efficiencies due to the greater economies of scale we are able to achieve with this combined and contiguous unit.”

Duchy Head of Rural Christopher Sparrow added: “As a responsible landowner, the Duchy takes its role very seriously, particularly in these rural communities where agriculture has faced some significant challenges over recent years. Larger farms, particularly those that are ring-fenced, do make better economic and practical sense and we are always happy to look at proposals for new and creative ways of helping our tenants achieve their long-term goals.”

The Duchy of Lancaster currently has over 60 farm tenants on the Needwood Estate which covers over 7,500 acres in Staffordshire.