Live/Work Flourishes In Hanbury

Designer wedding gowns made by highly skilled pattern cutters and seamstresses
A Lyn Ashworth by Sarah Barrett wedding gown, made in Hanbury.

The Duchy’s converted barns development at Hanbury Grange on the Needwood estate in Staffordshire provides workshop and/or office space as well as luxury living accommodation to its tenants.

This live/work combination has allowed one tenant to build an impressive reputation as a new English fashion house, training her own team of highly skilled pattern-cutters and seamstresses on site and bringing traditional craftsmanship back to the rural community.

Sarah Barrett took over the Lyn Ashworth bespoke bridal wear company six years ago and relocated her manufacturing operation to the Duchy estate. Sarah now offers a highly sought-after selection of luxury bridal, womenswear and bespoke pieces in her unique signature style – and she does it all from the comfort of her own home.

A ‘Lyn Ashworth by Sarah Barrett’ wedding gown is now top of the wish list for brides all over the world and has featured on the front covers of many national and international magazines.

“It is very important to me to remain enthused and inspired when I’m designing,” says Sarah, “and this beautiful and peaceful location has been perfect. I have plenty of space here in which to train staff and manufacture the gowns, while still feeling that I have my own privacy and all the comforts of home. The company is growing fast and we are now getting to the stage where I’m thinking about another premises so that I can showcase the range that we offer. If at all possible, I would like to stay on the Needwood estate as part of the Duchy family, so that’s where I’ll be starting my search!”

Sarah has been a tenant at Hanbury Grange since the development was completed in 2011 and the other members of her team have all been recruited locally. Other tenant businesses across the Duchy’s Needwood estate include the heritage attraction and visitor centre at Tutbury Castle, Tatenhill Airfield, equine rehabilitation centre Bennett Equine, Eland Lodge Equestrian Centre, a sawmill and 1,250 acres of managed woodland.

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