Queen’s Chapel of the Savoy To Join the Ecclesiastical Household

In 2016, following a review into the future development of the ecclesiastical business carried out at The Queen’s Chapel of the Savoy, the management of all ecclesiastical matters at the Chapel is to be incorporated into the Ecclesiastical Household and this is work in progress that will come into fruition later in the year. The Chapel itself will remain part of the ancient inheritance of the Duchy of Lancaster as part of the historic Savoy estate.

The new arrangement will bring all of Her Majesty’s Chapels in London under the ecclesiastical jurisdiction of the Dean and mirror the relationship which already exists between the Historic Royal Palaces and the Chapels at the Tower of London and Hampton Court Palace.

Commenting on the change, The Reverend Paul Wright, Sub-Dean of the Chapel Royal said: “Bringing the Queen’s Chapel of the Savoy into the Ecclesiastical Household will enable a Chapels Royal Clergy Chapter to be developed across the London Royal Chapels with benefits for ecclesiastical oversight, management, training and practise.”

Nathan Thompson, Chief Executive of the Duchy, added: “This change simply recognises the unique status of the Chapel as a Royal Peculiar, with strong historic links to the Sovereign and the Duchy of Lancaster. Moving forward, we expect to work closely with the Sub-Dean and Chapel Royal as we continue to develop the Chapel as a place of worship.”