Duchy of Lancaster Streamlines Rural Surveys

The holdings of the Duchy of Lancaster have traditionally been administered in six separate units, known as Surveys. These have included five Rural Surveys (Lancashire, Yorkshire, Crewe and South, Needwood and Eastern) covering approximately 18,433 hectares of land across England and Wales and one Urban Survey made up of a number of retail and business properties owned by the Duchy.

This year, the Rural Surveys have been restructured to more accurately reflect their geographic footprints and socio-economic profiles. The new Surveys are: Cheshire, Lancashire, Staffordshire, Yorkshire and Southern. The Southern Survey includes land and property assets south of Staffordshire, extending from South Wales in the West to Lincolnshire in the East.

Realigned Rural Surveys
Realigned Rural Surveys

Commenting on the restructuring, Duchy CEO Nathan Thompson said: “The object of this exercise is to allow us to group those assets serving specific regional or socio-economic markets together. This in turn helps us to focus our resources on the specific needs of each of the communities we serve. As custodians of a very diverse portfolio of land and property assets across a wide area, we have to ensure that we are managing our responsibilities to these communities at all times, while also protecting the long-term commercial interests of the organization as a whole.”

The Urban Survey, which includes commercial assets in valuable locations such as central London, Manchester, Liverpool, Harrogate and other major cities, remains as before.

The Duchy’s investment portfolio, overall strategy and asset allocation is reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that the balance of holdings remains in the long-term interests of the whole estate.

For more detail on the new Surveys, please visit our website: www.duchyoflancaster.co.uk.