11 Ripon Road: Practically Complete

The Duchy of Lancaster has taken practical completion of 11 Ripon Road which comprises 13 high quality properties in Harrogate.

The development includes a refurbishment of a Victorian villa, renamed Granville House, to create four apartments, and an additional new-build property, Villiers Court, containing nine apartments.

To mark the completion of the project, the development will open to the public over the weekend (13-14 September), with visitors given a tour of the buildings and access to the new show suite.

Graeme Chalk, head of project management at the Duchy of Lancaster, said: “This is a high quality development in a very desirable part of the country, and it is no surprise we already have a dozen parties who have registered interest in the apartments, with only 13 available to the market, we expect them to go quickly.”

For more information or to arrange a viewing, visit www.linleyandsimpson.co.uk or call 01423 540045.